About Eco-Scams

Few scientists or inventors set out to commit fraud. In the beginning, most believe they have made a great discovery. But what happens when they finally realize that things are not behaving as they believed?” – Robert Park.

Eco-Scams.com is a blog exposing pseudo-green nonsense, while promoting science and critical thinking.

Back in 2000 I was researching for my book. I was astounded to come across a large number of marketed products that claimed to be “green” or “eco” without any reliable substantiation. This led me to directly challenge some of their claims.

I am very interested in “voodoo-science“, the science of things that are not true and understanding why some people believe things that cannot be true. I am a skeptic and I try to promote critical thinking and the scientific method for analyzing claims while explaining the dangers of relying on anecdote, personal experience and logical fallacy.

I consider myself an environmentalist. I am a big supporter of technologies and products that have a genuinely positive impact on the environment. For example CFL light-bulbs or home-insulation, which significantly reduce energy use, and wind, solar and hydro electricity, which reduce CO2 emissions.

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