Indicators of bogus science

From Robert Park’s Voodoo Science, here are his seven warning signs that a claim may be pseudo-scientific. While some of these signs may apply to a given technology it does not mean that it is therefore bogus, however it is a strong indication that you should be extra skeptical.

“An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof” - Marcello Truzzi.

  1. Discoverers make their claims directly to the popular media, rather than to fellow scientists.
  2. Discoverers claim that a conspiracy has tried to suppress the discovery.
  3. The claimed effect appears so weak that observers can hardly distinguish it from noise. No amount of further work increases the signal.
  4. Anecdotal evidence is used to back up the claim.
  5. True believers cite ancient traditions in support of the new claim.
  6. The discoverer or discoverers work in isolation from the mainstream scientific community.
  7. The discovery, if true, would require a change in the understanding of the fundamental laws of nature.

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  1. personal:

    I cannot give my name as I currently work for one of these particular companies I have come to find out that some of the sales techniques are not only misleading, bu also outright lies, who can I report these lies, missinformation, and shady business to? who monitors these people, I have had my good name tarnished by these practices,and only went to work for them after I was shown evidence that the products worked, only to find out later that the evidence had been altered, I myself ran some individual tests, and although the products worked, thee were a mere % of what they claimed !!! I want some retribution, and some of these people should be jailed.

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