Miricale Toilet Smellkiller – yet another scam from Ecozone

I don’t know about you, but while not the cleanest place in the world my toilet bowl is not very smelly either. Well Ecozone have done it again, they have a miracle-eco-product which will solve a problem which does not exist, they now make a “Toilet Smellkiller”, a disc of stainless steel which, they say, kills the smells in your toilet.

It lasts a lifetime, apparently, never needs replacing as it is made from “special high-grade stainless steel”, it contains no chemicals (other than the chemicals used to make stainless steel I presume; carbon, iron and chromium). It and somehow “neutralises odours in your toilet as soon as it comes into contact with air and water, leaving the air fresh and clean again”.

Ecozone say that “it has been tested to eliminate odours” but as always they never say who did the testing or when or where – we are just supposed to take their word for it.

In their own “COSH sheet” [SIC] (which seems to have nothing to do with COSHH at all) they admit that “there is still no scientific evidence as to the mechanism of the odour absorbing effect of stainless steels” however “although the effect exists without a doubt”. They then go on to make some very wild speculative pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo guesses as to the mechanism by which it “works” but don’t feel the need to offer and evidence as to whether or not it works in the first place.

£15 ($20) for a bit of stainless-steel is very expensive, especially one which which does not do what they say it does… If you feel you can’t live without one, try an old bent stainless spoon instead.

Ecotopia are one of a number of companies selling the Smellkiller, why not ask them how it works? I have, several times, but they choose not to answer me.

Ecozone, makers of the Smellkiller, are pedallers of a number of pseudo-eco-products such as EcoBalls and DryerBalls which I maintain are scams, products with very bold claims with no evidence that they work.

Ecotopia are a company selling sell a wide range of “eco” products, many of which are clearly scams but they don’t seem to care – they would like you to think they are trying to make the world a better place but their motivation is clearly profit.

Do you know of any evidence to suggest that stainless steel absorbs odours? I can find none whatsoever to say it does and plenty that suggest it does not. Please post any links you find below.


  1. Ben:

    After reading your review above, i have come to the conclusion that you think your shit does not stink.
    I draw this conclusion because i know when i shit in my toilet bowl it does stink.
    Now the smell killer neutralises the smell instantly.
    So i think you will find it does what it claims to do, as i have not smelt my shit whilst shitting for the last 2 months when i first started using it.

  2. Jon:

    I assure you my shit stinks the same as everyone else.
    This is a TOILET smellkiller. How does a disc of stainless steel in a toilet bowl remove odours from the air in a bathroom? The answer is simple, it can’t. Please, find me one bit of science to back up the idea that stainless steel anything can remove odours from anywhere. It is nonsense.

  3. Geoff:

    I agree with you that the device cannot possibly work. Stainless steel can’t absorb smells so any “improvement” is purely imaginary. Incidentally you should have put “pedlars” in your text. Pedallers pedal bicycles.

  4. Gary:

    Ben have you actually used a public toilet that has a urinal of several square meters of stainless steel, probably thousands of times the size of the ecozone product but they are definitely not a place of pure clean air.

  5. mike:

    Jon – brief question – have you tried it ?
    (I haven’t I’m just browsing to see whether it’s what I want.)
    From my chemical background (aeons since the degree) – it doesn’t have to absorb the smell, it just has to cause a chemical reaction. It could (hypothetically) be a catalyst – iron frequently used for various reactions I seem to remember. The other possibility is that is forming part of an electrical circuit of some description. So it provides some electrons to a ‘smelly molecule’ and a reaction occurs.
    But the key to science to my mind is the proof of the pudding. So why does it work for Ben ?

  6. PeeWhit:

    I have a feeling there is a placebo effect going on: I have a stainless steel disc in my loo, therefore I cannot smell my poo. It’s a psychological product, I’m sure. People who buy it are also ones who want to keep their toilet area clean and are doing other things, like actually cleaning the bowl, adding stuff to the tank, airing the room, putting potpourri out, you name it.

    People wear awful perfumes and swan around thinking they smell divine and are attractive to the opposite sex. At the same time they’re also dressed up to the nines, have done their hair and are acting flirtatiously. It’s not Dior Poison that gets them laid, it’s the other stuff. It’s all in the head. The power of advertising!

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