Dryerballs – toxic and a scam

There seem to be a number of eco-products available for your tumble dryer which claim to do away with the need for fabric softeners, speed up drying times, reduce energy consumption… all complete nonsense if you ask me.

I can find at least three different types of these on the internet;

  • Nellie’s Dryer Balls.
  • Ecozone’s Dryer Balls.
  • Another type, also called Dryer Balls, which look similar to the others two but not the same.
  • And, maybe, another one or more…


The claims made for these products are very substantial, 25% cuts in energy consumption, and yet totally unfounded in any kind of scientific evidence whatsoever, no independent tests have been carried out on them – you, the consumer, are just supposed to take their word for it!

This combined with the fact that the companies making them are the same guys making other eco-scams leads me to dismiss them as just another snake oil scam.


But there is more, these things are supposed to be hypo-allergenic, safe, natural, chemical free and non toxic… and yet they are made from PVC, just about the most toxic and nasty plastic chemical about, Treehugger hs this to say about them:

Hydrochloric acid, cancer-causing dioxins, and other persistent pollutants are spewed into the air, water, and land when PVC is being manufactured, resulting in chronic and severe health problems such as cancer, neurological damage, endometriosis, neurological damage, birth defects, and liver and kidney damage. The dioxin exposure of the average American far exceeds the usual standard for acceptable risk; dioxins also concentrate in breast milk, with babies now receiving high doses at orders of magnitude greater than those of the average adult.

Toxic additives and chemical stabilizers such as lead, cadmium, and di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (a suspected carcinogen that is known to cause a host of reproductive and developmental defects), leach, flake, or off-gas from the PVC throughout its life.

And because PVC cannot be easily recycled, it’s either landfilled, where it leaches chemicals or incinerated, releasing dioxin and heavy metals again.

Nice and non-toxic? Bullshit!

Green ways to dry your clothes:

Sorry, but if your looking for a green way to dry your clothes then I’d recommend a washing line.







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  1. WM:

    My wife used these things and they destroyed the tumble dryer drum. It’s obvious if you have a lump of hard plastic battering around inside the machine what damage they can do.

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