Evidence that HHO is a scam

Evidence that HHO, hydrogen hybrids, are a scam from February 2009. The Federal Trade Commission sued Dutchman Enterprises / Dennis Lee to stop him trading.

FTC Sues Promoters of Bogus Fuel Efficiency Device


State of Texas Vs “Ozzy Freedom” Water4Gas


The Texas complaint against water4gas claims that 3,197 Texans purchased the water4gas manual for a total of $310,109.

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  1. eric krieg:

    There is an incredibly long history of high mileage scams dating back about 100 years. The newer scams like the HAFC one are heavy MLM – the people who are now being prosecuted for that scam are now selling a new high mileage claim called MMPG. perhaps only being in jail will stop them.
    Many people privately investigating claims that adding hydrogen to fuel are tinkerers and not trying to scam people. Some convinced me to check out a device that at first appeared good. I have test data at
    long story short, the owner of the company who installed the device on my car has threatened to sue me for providing the above web page detailing my experience.

    eric krieg

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