Guardian Eco Store sells snake oil and scams

The Guardian Eco Store (as in The Guardian newspaper in the UK) are selling scams. I have told them, of course, but they don’t respond or remove the items from their store… so I’m talking about it here (like that will help…)

Items in their store which are an obvious scams include Ecozone’s Eco Balls, and Dryer Balls and Magno Balls.

I also note you sell the full range of Zielonka stainless steel “small killers”, these types of magic have actually been shown to be nonsense, so why do The Guardian sell them?

One can “e-view” (review) products on the Guardian Store but my comments never make it past moderation… The Guardian clearly sensor bad reviews…


  1. dom Kaos:

    Have you tried emailing Ben Goldacre? He writes the Grauniad’s “Bad Science” column.
    Either that, or sell yer soul to satan and tell the Daily Mail – I imagine they’d LOVE to have a reason to take a pop at the enemy…

  2. Jon:

    Ben emailed, but I dunno what good it will do as I have emailed him before and never heard back, i do wonder if his published email works.

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