Oil Drum Limited – Update – May 2010

There has been a lot of movement on the Oil Drum Story in recent months; they are, at last, starting to come out.

On the TV:

The BBC have a half-hour documentary which went out on Sunday 23rd May 2010. If you are in the UK you can watch it on the iPlayer here. Or you can download it from this site here.

Fuel Saver tested by actual real scientists.

At the beginning of 2010 Oil Drum’s Fuel Saver was tested by the UK Government’s #1 vehicle test facility, Millbrook Proving Ground. The Fuel Saver utterly failed the test. In fact the vehicle performed between 3% and 9% worse with the unit switched on than with it switched off, so the vehicle consumed more fuel with the Fuel Saver running.

See the test details here and the results here. Oil Drum agreed to the test, but after the results were announced they claimed that the test should have been longer and that it should have contained more motorway driving; they failed to say how or why either of these new requirements would have made any difference to the results.

Oil Drum go bust.

Some time around the beginning of May 2010 Oil Drum Limited ceased trading. They said it was because of continued negative attacks from people like me, a more plausible explanation could be  something along the lines of their customers demanding their money back, and the Fuel Saver being scientifically proven to not work.

Intellectual Property for sale!

Hysterically, Oil Drum are currently trying to sell their IP. I’d love to know what they think it is worth! They say that they have had “good success with third party trials” and that there is “test data is available”. I presume these third parties are people like GSE Haulage and Dodds Transport (both of whom have a significant financial stake in Oil Drum and could not possibly be called independent) and those well-known-testers-of-vehicles-and-not-sellers-of-groceries Sainsburys.

This test data they say that is “available”, I presume they are not referring to the scientific test data proving that the Fuel Saver does not work, eh?

Who’s Invention?


Click here to read the letter.

Further evidence has surfaced backing up what I said all along; that Oil Drum did not invent the Fuel Saver at all.

In a letter dated July 2007, a Daryl Watts returns a “demo hydrogen generator unit” saying they achieved “average fuel economy improvements of 15 to 17%”. (he is mistaken about this, of course. In case you have not got it by now, HHO cannot work).

Daryl then lists many of the the very problems Andel Limited say they had with Oil Drum’s Fuel Saver, and goes on to acknowledge that this technology is not new but “something which has been a success already in the US and Canada”.

This raises question about how Oil Drum managed to get two patents (UK patent  GB2457518 and US & World patent US2009/138726 and and WO2009/138726) for a product which was neither “novel” or “involves an inventive step” (requirements of a patent application).

It also flies in the face of when Daryl Watts told me that “the Fuel Saver was in no way similar to the run-your-car-on-water HHO scams which have been about for decades in the US and Canada”.

Home Address

I managed to get Darryl’s and Stephen’s home addresses in 2008.
Darryl Richard Watts lived at: “Barn Oak”, Down Barton Road, St Nicholas at Wade, CT7 0PY, UK
Stephen Martin lived at: 2 Seaview Cottages, Downs Rd, East Studdal, Dover, Kent CT15 5DD, UK

Other Watts
There is a Denise Watts who was co-director of Save Fuel Limited. There is an Andrew Philip Watts who is something to do with a company called W.N. Operations which sounds very similar to another of Darryl’s companies, W.N. Holdings, and shares an address with it.

In the press:

The Kentish Gazette printed an excellent article on Oil Drum Limited (PDF).

Parliamentary Ombudsman complaint against SEEDA:

The complaint with the Parliamentary Ombudsman is ongoing, but has probably hit a brick wall due to their lack of jurisdiction over the Sittingbourne Enterprise Hub… even though it was hundreds-of-thousands of pounds of public money they threw behind a product which so obviously does not work.

National Audit Office complaint against SEEDA:

My complaint with the National Audit Office against SEEDA for misusing hundreds-of-thousands of pounds of tax payer money is also ongoing.


The four loosing finalists in the Kent Innovation Challenge in 2008 (loosing to Oil Drum Limited) were:

I have contacted them all to enquire how they all feel about loosing to a product that does not work.


  1. Nikki:

    It’s never good to see your old uni portrayed in such a bad light

  2. Sam:

    Good stuff – we have to fight nonsense whenever it arises. I found this site after a google search after viewing the BBC documentary linked to by Ben Goldacre on his site. Keep it up.

  3. Fish:

    It’s never good to see your current uni, and department, and lecturer … portrayed in such a bad light.

    Video editing: from weak support to vindication!

    “This device will save fuel”
    “If this device does work, it will save fuel”


  4. Alex_DNA:

    Seems that Oil Drum Ltd. is busted & closed their website.

  5. Alex_DNA:

    Seems that they are back online with one page; “Patented Hydrogen Technology intellectual property rights for sale”.

  6. Mr Gray:

    It seems all the phone numbers I had for Mr Darryl Watts are no loner in use?????
    mobile 07802 839579 & 01227 824856

  7. Mr Gray:

    How can I get to see the article University Challenged?

    The iplayer link is saying “this programme is not available to watch again”

    Any ideas?

  8. Jon:

    You can watch or download the BBC’s University Challenged here on this website – http://www.eco-scams.com/archives/716

  9. Colin Gray:

    Cheers Jon

    What a good watch the University Challenged program was and well done on all involved in exposing such a dubious individual.

    I know and have met some of the good people Oil Drum affected and therefore applaud its demise.

    Unfortunately there are a few individuals / companies in the diesel/LPG truck market who wouldn’t have looked out of place on this type of program.

    Thanks again.

    Colin Gray

  10. anon:

    you might like to know that darryl watts may have changed his phone numbers but I have been told he’s living at 39 chestfield road whitstable kent. oh and he’s supposed to be working for a company in Thanet in Kent.

  11. David:


    I’ve only just found your site after I was surfing around to see what Darryl Watts has been up to. Thank you for exposing this nonsense and I am only sorry for the people that have been taken in and lost money. I had the misfortune to be in a bio diesel business with Darryl Watts a few years back, which ended up costing me and others a lot of money and I had to resort to getting a court judgement against him (which involved me attending Canterbury Court to take a case against him, which he also attended) so he is not my favorite person. He is a plausible person that I could say a lot about, suffice to say it doesn’t surprise me that the device he was peddling seems to have been total junk. I would never recommend any one to get into or do business with him and It wouldn’t surprise me if anyone said he knew exactly what he was doing with oil drum and fuel save. For any ones information, I gather from 21.9.09 that he is a director of W N Holdings Ltd, but don’t know anything about this company.

    Thanks again to you and others for uncovering this.


  12. anon:




  13. Anon:

    This man is an incredibly good liar! He comes across as so sincere but is full of Sh**. He is such a good liar he even made his way to Downing Street based on a pack of lies!! He is dishonest and deceitful. DO NOT give him any money or invest any money whatsoever in any ‘business’ of his. You will never see it again!

  14. Anonymous:

    I for one think that Darryl Watts is a good honest charming loveable man.

    OK not really, I was just practising to see if I was as good at lying as he is.

    Don’t ever trust this man. He is clinically insane and works on the premise that if you tell a lie often enough people begin to believe it as the truth.

  15. James Havard:

    I have passed on the individual’s post who provided Mr Watts personal details to the authorities – this is an unacceptable breach of a person’s rights.

    As for the technology, one test does not mean it doesn’t work. Mr Watts’ results clearly showed something else, otherwise the intitial buisness would never have started.

  16. Anon:

    I see he’s still involved with the University of Kent at Canterbury as he is now a committee member listed as a coach on their website.
    I am surprised he is even allowed to show his face at the University.

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  18. vasilis Stamos:

    Funny enough the company in Belgium is still selling the products!!!!

  19. jon:

    a coach? a comittee member? i cant find a listing, do you have a link please? That’s unbelievable !

  20. Anon:


    This is the link for the University team if you read through it you’ll see he’s mentioned as the first team coach, also this next link shows him being made Head Coach of Whitstable Rugby Club – it mentions his wealth of experience which is just another con because only about 3 or 4 years ago he was coaching little kids tag rugby – just goes to show that anyone can go on a few courses and then talk a good game. Makes me wonder what the RFU would make of this “head coaches” real experience and his reputation for being a con man.


    I think it also shows how he’s still able to decieve people and how gullible people who don’t do their research properly and check by as a minimum googling the guy take on someone who in the end will rip them off and let them down.

  21. Jon:

    Thanks Anon,
    That is hilarious but for all I know he is a very good rugby coach, won’t people notice if he is not? If he can talk the talk well enough to get thousands of pounds in grants out of government quangos for a product that so obviously cannot work then maybe he will be very good for the rugby clubs in attracting funding? I don’t really see how he can hurt anyone in that roll, anyway. It is not like he is selling anything.

  22. Anonymous:

    Seeda dont give money out for good ideas, they give it to the best bullshitter, which proves that seeda are nothing more than a waste of taxpayers money who can’t tell a good idea from a scam when its obvious to anybody with small amount of intellect

  23. Anon:

    I hear you Jon, I frankly couldn’t care less about his rugby ability it’s his ability to weedle his way in to new people that concerns me. I wonder how long it will be before he starts to have “a fantastic new idea, that requires investment” and the new people he has met are encouraged to put up the money for it.
    We all know how good this bloke is at bullshit and how he uses his contacts to swindle money out of people. He’s not doing the job of rugby coach for the money now is he! He’s clearly doing it for the contacts!!!
    & I still don’t get how he is even allowed to step a foot onto University of Canterbury’s campus.

  24. Rugby:


    I would just like to inform anyone still reading this that Darryl was sacked from UKC rugby due to his constant BSing and inability to coach players professionally. He proposed to us that he would take charge of kit and to cut a long story short, gave us different kit to what we ordered (a cheaper version) and a lot of the lads still do not have their kit all in all he owes roughly over £1000.

    Legal action is being sort.


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