H2O Driven is yet another run-your-car-on-water scam!

Update – H2O Driven’s website has been taken down after my complaint to the ASA. It is listed as “Informally Resolved” on 24th April, see here.

H2O Driven is a scam. A clone of the run your car on water scams that go back to the 1970s. It did not work then and it does not work now. When subjected to controlled conditions this “technology” has never been shown to improve your MPG at all, let alone the risible 20% to 70% that H2O Driven claim (in fact it will make it worse). If it did work then you would violate two of the most well established rules of physics, the first and second laws of thermodynamics – basically that you can’t get more from a closed system (like a car’s engine) than you put in to that system (the fuel).

Also on H2O Driven’s website is the claim that you will be able to re-register your vehicle as “dual fuel”; this is both disingenuous (there is only one source of fuel) and according to the DVLA completely untrue. Other websites of this type, though not H2O Driven’s, also claim that you will pay less road fund license (road tax); for the same reasons this is is also untrue.
H2O Driven have a page on Facebook too.

I have not had much time to look at it properly yet, but the “happy customers” on the H2O Driven site are lifted directly off Richard Bird’s testimonials on his Hydrotechnix website. Here is the Eco-Scams page on Mr. Bird and Hdrotechnix from way back in 2010.

There are no manes or addresses on the H2O Driven site (you were seriously thinking of buying something off these guys?!) but three minutes on Google turns up a cleaning company with exactly the same phone numbers in the right town.

So H2O Driven is Rishi Sailopal & Marina Jackson from Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

Now I need to point out that it is the product that Rishi and Marina are selling which is a scam; Rishi and Marina could well be the victims of the scam having bought a license to sell someone else’s magic MPG reducing product… I just can’t tell.

Here are Marina and Rishi selling Utility Warehouse. According to an article in The Guardian, despite looking like one Utility Warehouse is not a scam.

ASA complaint submitted 16th Feb. 2013 Ref. # A13-222632.

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