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Guardian Eco Store sells snake oil and scams

The Guardian Eco Store (as in The Guardian newspaper in the UK) are selling scams. I have told them, of course, but they don’t respond or remove the items from their store… so I’m talking about it here (like that will help…)

Items in their store which are an obvious scams include Ecozone’s Eco Balls, and Dryer Balls and Magno Balls.

I also note you sell the full range of Zielonka stainless steel “small killers”, these types of magic have actually been shown to be nonsense, so why do The Guardian sell them?

One can “e-view” (review) products on the Guardian Store but my comments never make it past moderation… The Guardian clearly sensor bad reviews…

Magnetic laundry scams

After finding out about EcoBalls, a friend pointed out to me that there were a number of similar magnetic laundry scams. For example the Life Miracle Magnetic Laundry System, but there are many man others. And, of course, there is Ecozone’s Magno Ball, which in all fairness claims to soften the water thus reducing to need for detergents rather than replacing the detergent, but bullshit none the less.

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Dryerballs – toxic and a scam

There seem to be a number of eco-products available for your tumble dryer which claim to do away with the need for fabric softeners, speed up drying times, reduce energy consumption… all complete nonsense if you ask me.

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Miricale Toilet Smellkiller – yet another scam from Ecozone

I don’t know about you, but while not the cleanest place in the world my toilet bowl is not very smelly either. Well Ecozone have done it again, they have a miracle-eco-product which will solve a problem which does not exist, they now make a “Toilet Smellkiller”, a disc of stainless steel which, they say, kills the smells in your toilet.

It lasts a lifetime, apparently, never needs replacing as it is made from “special high-grade stainless steel”, it contains no chemicals (other than the chemicals used to make stainless steel I presume; carbon, iron and chromium). It and somehow “neutralises odours in your toilet as soon as it comes into contact with air and water, leaving the air fresh and clean again”.

Ecozone say that “it has been tested to eliminate odours” but as always they never say who did the testing or when or where – we are just supposed to take their word for it.

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Eco Balls are no better than nothing, they are just another eco-scam.

I have been running a little, admittedly unscientific, experiment; I don’t use any laundry liquid, or other detergent, when washing my clothes and I have not noticed if they come out of the wash any dirtier than if I did use detergent. They don’t come out of the machine smelling of detergent and fabric softener, but they don’t come out smelling dirty either, they just smell of nothing much and appear clean.

(Update: I have now been doing this for several years.)

There are exceptions, heavily soiled clothes do not come up clean, but how much of ones washing is heavily soiled? I can always use some detergent if I need to, the point it that most of the time of the time I don’t.

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