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Oil Drum Limited – Update – May 2010

There has been a lot of movement on the Oil Drum Story in recent months; they are, at last, starting to come out.

On the TV:

The BBC have a half-hour documentary which went out on Sunday 23rd May 2010. If you are in the UK you can watch it on the iPlayer here. Or you can download it from this site here.

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More MPG Now – HHO nonsense in London

Gordon Loughton of 24 Freshfield Bank, Forest Row in London has a business (and another here)selling a miracle fuel saving product which he says can dramatically reduce your engine’s fuel consumption and improve its emissions using… by up to 30% apparently.


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Hydrox Solutions, more pseudo-science with university endorsement

I have been blogging about HHO for years now. One of the tools I use to try to explain to people that this “technology” does not work is that if it did work then it would have been investigated by a university somewhere, however because any scientist with any idea of their subject can see that this “technology” is preposterous claptrap, that it cannot possibly work, no scientist or university will touch it.

In all the years I have been following “hydrogen-hybrids” I have never seen any proof whatsoever that it works… and the reason that I have never seen any proof is because it does not work.

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Oil Drum Limited awarded prize for product that cannot work

Update on this story here.

UKC endorse, award and invest in pseudo-science!
The University of Kent at Canterbury (my old university where I studies Physics for four years) and a whole load of Kent local government and other public bodies have been taken in by some pseudo-science so completely that they have endorsed it, awarded it £20,000 of public money and invested in the company!! / won the “Kent Innovation Challenge 2008” despite their being no proof whatsoever that the product they sell works (in fact it cannot work).

Oil Drum Limited were asked to give a two minute presentation and were the grilled by a Dragon’s Den style panel who were, I presume, looking for a product which was green, saved carbon, was innovative and used the phrase “renewable energy” in the presentation… Oil Drum Limited may have ticked all the boxes the panel were looking for but it would have been a good idea for the panel to check to see if the product actually worked or if it actually was “renewable”.

You can find out loads more about the 2008 award from a video made by the folks that gave the award, Sittingbourne Enterprise Hub.

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Mini hydro miracle – nonsence!

According to multiple news sources, a Mr Gilmartin from Cumbria has re-invented the water wheel.

Apparently the 60-year-old electrician and inventor, who does not own a television (so what?) and has never lived in a house with electricity (??), has invented a micro hydro power station which can power a house from a stream with only 8 inches of head. This has been reported as some how miraculous and how he has solved a century’s old problem in building a micro hydro (there is nothing new about micro-hydro schemes).

What actually is miraculous is the idea that one can run a house from a stream with only 8 inches of head, it seems he has solved the problem of how to break the laws of physics; this is risible nonsense, by my calculations that is 1.7 cubic meters of water per second for a mere 2kW load (an conservative average UK household load)…….. 1.7 cubic meters of water per second!! That would fill a bath tub twice, every second; quite some stream.

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