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Magnatech Fuel Conditioning cannot work. sell a magnetic fuel saving gizmo that is as old as the hills and which has been shown, many times, to be complete nonsense with no scientific or plausible method by which it could possibly be true.

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Guardian Eco Store sells snake oil and scams

The Guardian Eco Store (as in The Guardian newspaper in the UK) are selling scams. I have told them, of course, but they don’t respond or remove the items from their store… so I’m talking about it here (like that will help…)

Items in their store which are an obvious scams include Ecozone’s Eco Balls, and Dryer Balls and Magno Balls.

I also note you sell the full range of Zielonka stainless steel “small killers”, these types of magic have actually been shown to be nonsense, so why do The Guardian sell them?

One can “e-view” (review) products on the Guardian Store but my comments never make it past moderation… The Guardian clearly sensor bad reviews… is a scam.

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Magnetic laundry scams

After finding out about EcoBalls, a friend pointed out to me that there were a number of similar magnetic laundry scams. For example the Life Miracle Magnetic Laundry System, but there are many man others. And, of course, there is Ecozone’s Magno Ball, which in all fairness claims to soften the water thus reducing to need for detergents rather than replacing the detergent, but bullshit none the less.

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Magnetic fuel saving scams

Too good to be true
You instinctively know what something is too good to be true, don’t you? And things which seem that way almost always turn out to be just that, too good too be true. I am constantly coming across products for sale on the internet which are such obvious bullshit, and yet someone must be buying them.

Recently, while researching for my book on bio-fuels, I am coming across loads of magnetic miricles. These things simply attach around your engine’s fuel lines, attached with zip-ties, and enhance the fuel magnetically; reducing pollution, increasing performance, reducing consumption, increasing range.

Sound too good to be true? Well obviously! If these things worked they would be fitted as standard to all new cars, in fact it would be compulsory.

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