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Trevor Hunter from HHOTec / HMFSales… again…

Trevor Hunter from HHOTec has been posting a lot of comments this week to my blog-post on his nonsense Platinum Fuel Saver – his comments have become so so frequent, repetitive and long that I have stopped approving them as they are becoming spam.

However Trevor has the right to reply to what I say about him, but rather than allow him to fill my blog with thousands of words all designed to draw your attention away from my point (that the product does not work and that Trevor has no proof that it does work) I am instead moving his comments, breaking them down into points and responding to them. Continue reading ‘Trevor Hunter from HHOTec / HMFSales… again…’ »

HHOTec bring their scam from the USA to the UK

HHO Tek, an American pseudo-green company, actually a company selling several scams, have popped up in UK / Europe in a town called Mountain Ash which is about 10 miles north of Cardiff in South Wales.

HHO Tec’s website has improved massively since I last saw it, and so has the sophistication and language used, but it is all risible nonsense, all bullshit dressed up as science, all a complete scam, con men after your money while pretending to be trying to save you cash and the environment at the same time.

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Platinum fuel saving nonsense

[this page is currently getting over 500 hits a month from people searching for "platinum 22 fuel saver" - why are you searching for that? And I hope you are taking notice and not getting scammed]

Platinum Injection System, Platinum-based combustion enhancers, PVI, CTech 3000, National Fuelsaver,

… all the same bullshit… it is a scam, it does not work, it has snake oil written all over it.

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