Magnatech Fuel Conditioning cannot work. sell a magnetic fuel saving gizmo that is as old as the hills and which has been shown, many times, to be complete nonsense with no scientific or plausible method by which it could possibly be true.

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GreenCell Technologies – HHO scam in Canada

GreenCell Technologies are a Canadian HHO, run-your-car-on-water, hydrogen-on-demand scam.

This is a very old “technology”, it has been kicking about for decades, there is no known plausible method by which it could work and no one has ever shown it to work. What is more, every time this ”technology”  has been subjected to proper scientific tests it has been shown to reduce engine efficiency and increase fuel consumption.

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Turbo Fuel Cell – tfuelcell – another UK based HHO scam

The Turbo Fuel Cell is a scam, it cannot possibly work, is a carbon copy of the HHO run-your-car-on-water-scam which has been kicking about for decades, it is scientific  nonsense and cannot possibly work, the tests that they claim to have performed are either lies or performed by some very incompetent people.

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UN award Epoch Energy for making a product which cannot possibly work

downloadThe UN’s Energy Globe Award for 2010 in the catorgy for “Air” went to the Epoch Energy Technology Corp. for developing a “dual fuel system for buses and trucks” – this dual fuel system is a carbon copy of the HHO run-your-car-on-water-scam which has been kicking about for decades, it is scientific  nonsense and cannot possibly work.

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University Challenged, BBC documentary on Oil Drum Limited

“University Challenged”, a BBC documentary on Oil Drum Limited, their “Fuel Saver” and the University Of Kent at Canterbury’s involvement in endorsing this nonsense pseudo-scientific product / technology which blatantly cannot work.

Staring… me!

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Oil Drum Limited – Update – May 2010

There has been a lot of movement on the Oil Drum Story in recent months; they are, at last, starting to come out.

On the TV:

The BBC have a half-hour documentary which went out on Sunday 23rd May 2010. If you are in the UK you can watch it on the iPlayer here. Or you can download it from this site here.

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Guardian Eco Store sells snake oil and scams

The Guardian Eco Store (as in The Guardian newspaper in the UK) are selling scams. I have told them, of course, but they don’t respond or remove the items from their store… so I’m talking about it here (like that will help…)

Items in their store which are an obvious scams include Ecozone’s Eco Balls, and Dryer Balls and Magno Balls.

I also note you sell the full range of Zielonka stainless steel “small killers”, these types of magic have actually been shown to be nonsense, so why do The Guardian sell them?

One can “e-view” (review) products on the Guardian Store but my comments never make it past moderation… The Guardian clearly sensor bad reviews…

More MPG Now – HHO nonsense in London

Gordon Loughton of 24 Freshfield Bank, Forest Row in London has a business (and another here)selling a miracle fuel saving product which he says can dramatically reduce your engine’s fuel consumption and improve its emissions using… by up to 30% apparently.


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Jubycell/de Verde Technologies – yet more HHO scamers in the UK

The following companies all sell [update:  most of them now don't exist] The Jubycell [AKA the de Verde Pegasus HOD Cell], it is yet another miracle HHO MPG-increasing, emissions-reducing scam which cannot possibly work.


John Hickman of 49 Elm Road, Brixham (Devon, UK) claims to be the “inventor” and has set up a company to sell it and courses on how to install it.

However this “technology” has in fact been about for decades, John has not invented anything here; it was a scam back then and it still is today, no one has any evidence that this “technology” works because they cannot have, because it cannot work, it is pseudo scientific gobbledygook.

This story is a tired ruse that I have seen hundreds of times before, it is so depressing, Con man sets up HHO business and calls himself the “inventor”, lures innocent folks in with the promise of riches beyond their dreams, extracts money from them  in the form of kits and courses and shares in the company… sooner or later they realise they have been scammed or the technology does not work and they either start asking for their money back (which they never get) or they refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence and become “true believers” themselves, they stick in their heels and repeat the scam on more victims – the point at which mere foolishness becomes fraud is a grey area.


You can read an exhaustive article about HHO, Hydroxy, hydrogen-hybrids and why they are a scam elsewhere on my blog.

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Evidence that HHO is a scam

Evidence that HHO, hydrogen hybrids, are a scam from February 2009. The Federal Trade Commission sued Dutchman Enterprises / Dennis Lee to stop him trading.

FTC Sues Promoters of Bogus Fuel Efficiency Device

State of Texas Vs “Ozzy Freedom” Water4Gas

The Texas complaint against water4gas claims that 3,197 Texans purchased the water4gas manual for a total of $310,109.